4 Reasons Why You Need a One-Page Business Plan


There is a lot of hype about a “one-page business plan” for investor pitches. A one-page business plan is a great idea and a smart goal for any entrepreneur to pursue for a few reasons. This post will talk about the benefits and why this should be the next step after you or your business plan consultant write a business plan.

Reason 1

First, your complete business plan is necessary to have, but some opportunities to pitch it will be brief and you may not have someone willing to review the whole business plan until they are lured in by the essentials. A one-page business plan serves as your elevator speech, so to speak. It will get your audience interested in what the rest of the business plan contains, which is important whether your audience is a banker, a venture capitalist, or friends and family.

Reason 2

The second reason the one-page business plan is a slam dunk idea is because it is easy – especially if you finished your stellar business plan. Whether you do it yourself or you hire a business consultant to write a business plan, it will have an Executive Summary. That summary is your starting point. Simplify it down to one page, and you’re pretty much done.

Reason 3

The third reason a one-page business plan is great is that it helps you build your pitch. Once you complete your one-page business plan, it can serve as an excellent script for your next potential investor to hear. The one-page business plan forces you to get the most important points of your business idea into a tight package, which will be easier for you to study and focus on than trying to rattle off all the important parts of your business plan.

Reason 4

Clearly, creating a one-page business plan is a simple and effective way to get ready for your future investor. It is alluring, easy to create, and gives you a framework to develop your fund-winning pitch. Learn how to make your one-page business plan to help investors catch your vision by checking out this post.

If you need support with your business plan or if you are ready to pitch your idea and having someone walk beside you to help you create or fine tune your presentation, reach out and our team would be glad to help!

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