About Ashley

Want to know more about me? Sure, I’m an open book!

Where I Live

I currently live in the Houston, Texas area with my husband of 10 years, my son and daughter, and 2 dogs. Before living in Houston, my husband and I lived in the Chicago area. Today, my husband is a Business Analyst and entrepreneur who started his own mobile detailing business.

What I’ve Been Up To

As a parent with a young son and daughter (one of which who has special needs), to say that I stay pretty busy is a severe understatement. I have a BA in Technical Writing and Communications, then earned my MBA and graduated with honors while working full time and raising a family…and doing business plans for entrepreneurs all over the nation.

I try to stay active in local entrepreneur events and organizations and sponsor community events whenever possible, including the Houston version of Shark Tank by STARTHoustonHouston Area Urban League Entrepreneur series, and my local SCORE events. I am also the resident Pitch Consultant for multiple investment networks, including the Texas Investment Network, the Florida Investment Network, the  California Investment Network, and the Canadian Investment Network.

How I am Progressing

On January 20, 2017 I left the stability of my career with GE (General Electric) as a Commercial Proposals Manager. I followed the next steps of my own business plan and launched full time as a Business Plan Consultant, a side job I’ve been loving since 2009. My proposals career in corporate America is now behind me, and I am excited for the next chapter.

Next steps in my business plan include becoming a business broker so I can better assist the great business owners I support.

Personal Stuff

Besides spending as much time with my family as possible, I also love to play the piano, like to read (hardcopy preferred over ebooks), and enjoy almost anything outdoors, especially bike riding and horseback riding. I am an INFJ personality type and by nature, tend to advocate for the success in others.

Final Thoughts

I completely empathize with my clients who have “taken the leap” and turned passion into a day job – there is a mix of fear, exhilaration, and lots of unknowns, but I am glad to be able to better support my clients and know that my business assists in the creation and success of countless other businesses.

For more about my career, including professional recommendations and accolades, feel free to check out my LinkedIn page.

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