Kickoff Waiting Room

Welcome! I’m so excited to get to work with you! On this page, you’ll get a quick view of what’s next in the process, and some helpful resources that may come in handy. Be sure to bookmark this page for easy access while your business plan is in progress!

Your Journey Ahead: Bird’s Eye View

Kickoff Meeting Scheduled
Milestone 1
NDA & Onboard Questionnaire Completed and Sent to [email protected]
Milestone 2
Kickoff Meeting Complete
Milestone 3
Progress Check In (5 Business Days after Kickoff)
Milestone 4
Draft Share (10 Business Days after Kickoff)
You Approve Files, Make Final Payment, & Receive Editable Files

Things You Need To Know

Download the Mutual NDA / Engagement Agreement & Onboarding Questionnaire

Download the Onboarding Questionnaire.

Then download the Mutual NDA and Engagement Agreement.

Please complete both and email to [email protected] at least 24 hours before your scheduled Kickoff.

How to Contact Ashley

Have new information to send to Ashley while your business plan is in progress? Great! Simply:

  • Email updates and attachments to [email protected]
  • Please include your business name in the subject line
  • Try to clarify context: for example, send a link to an article, but be sure to also include “this article may be helpful for the market research sections” or “I wonder if I should adopt this strategy for the business, what do you think?”

Please note that email is the fastest way to ask questions or send new information. For a call, please click this link to schedule time to chat.

What Happens During Draft Share

Typically, draft share happens 10 business days after Kickoff. Once your business plan draft is emailed to you, this is your chance to review and make sure it meets your expectations.

If you have any requests for changes, simply reply via email and adjustments will be made within 1-3 business days depending on the scope of changes requested.

These changes are made at no additional charge.

Final Steps!

The final steps are as follows:

  • You approve the document draft
  • Upon approval, you will be sent an email with access to pay the balance 50%
  • Within 1 business day of payment receipt, all of your final files will be emailed to you in editable form

Then, you will have a completed, polished, professional grade business plan/pitch!

Future Revisions

Since you have the editable files, you have full power to edit and update any changes needed once the project is completed.

However, if you’d like Ashley to take care of future changes and updates after business plan completion, feel free to note the revision process:

  • Email [email protected] and include “Revision Request” in the subject line
  • List the requested changes and updates needed
  • Within 1 business day, you will be given a quote and lead time for the revision at an hourly rate of $147
  • When you are ready to start the revision, you will be emailed the full invoice
  • 3 business days after invoice payment, your revision will be complete (unless otherwise indicated)

Written Success’ Commitment to Fairness and Transparency

Your quoted amount for the revision scope will not change, even if things take more hours than expected.

You will never be nickel and dimed, or haggled into paying more than what’s quoted.

If you need to adjust or change the scope during the revision, a new quote will be issued to you for approval.

Helpful Resources

Free NDA Agreement

If you need an NDA to use as you share your business idea with others, feel free to use this one.

Click here to download an editable Mutual NDA document.

Help With Investor Funding

Are you preparing for investor funding? Download this free resource showing where to find investors once you have a finished business plan.

Note: Ashley Cheeks is the resident Pitch Consultant for several investor networks and can offer you a free pitch prep session before you work with any Written Success investor site partners.

Help With Bank Funding

Interested in applying for a bank loan or an SBA underwritten loan? Download this helpful resource to prepare and know what to expect.

Help With Crowd Funding

Interested in learning more about launching a crowdfunding campaign? Download this helpful summary sheet to get started.

Logo, Website, Marketing Support

Need a recommendation for a great website provider, logo developer, or marketing guru? Email Ashley – she’ll talk with you about your needs and will offer the best providers for what you are looking for.

Let’s Build Something Great Together!