Frequently Asked Questions

I have a unique business idea. Do you know how to do a business plan for my business?

During our consult, I will talk with you about your business and what you are trying to accomplish. I have experience with a wide range of industries and have also helped product and service inventors. I have helped people create business plans for mobile apps, franchising, and for niche therapy practices. Additionally, I have expertise in traditional businesses, such as food and beverage, hospitality, convenience stores, car washes, and sports facilities. Chances are, I can bring you valuable support with a few strategic business plan questions.

My goal is always to meet your objectives, whether for strategy, funding, partner pitching, crowdfunding, or a combination of these.

That being said, if your idea is something I don’t have the right background to handle, I will let you know upfront.

One example of a business plan that I do not currently provide is brick and mortar cannabis stores (most other types of cannabis-related businesses ARE within my abilities though). The reason is the regulation in the storefront space is too fluid and unpredictable right now, so it is almost impossible for me to be confident in my research for a business plan in that industry, especially in California. I recommend these business plan clients to other great consultants who specialize in this niche because it is beyond my realm of expertise.

During your consult, I will be honest about whether my service is the right fit for your business.

How much time will I need to spend?

The time you will need to invest will include 30-60 minutes for the kickoff call plus about 10-15 minutes for draft review to make sure your business plan is completed correctly.

What if I don’t need a complete business plan? Some parts are already done.

If you have parts of the business plan completed or pre-worked, send them to me via email and I will reduce the price based on time you are saving me with what has already been completed.

How do I know if I should hire a consultant, or use a software or template?

Honestly, you may not need a consultant. I redirect about 1 in 5 people who contact me because I can see that they don’t need a consultant. This is why I have other solutions, like the Set for Success Template Kit and the Business Plan Academy.

To answer the question…

If you have done a business plan before, you may recognize that a template or a software can be helpful in the same way that a do-it-yourself tax program saves you some guesswork. These folks have the extra time and general tax knowledge enough to do it all themselves. Usually, these people don’t worry much about the risk of an audit.

Meanwhile, for others, getting help from a tax professional can be a HUGE RELIEF. To them, it is worth the money to save countless hours of work. It is reduces the risk that they are doing something wrong. Best of all, it removes the stress of having to figure it all out alone.

The Bottom Line

If you feel lost or stressed when you think about doing a business plan yourself, that is an indicator that you need a consultant.

Another sign to consider a consultant is if you are fearful that you will be rejected for funding with a bad plan. Then you should probably save yourself the headache and hire a consultant to make sure it is done right.

When and how do we get started?

When you work with me, the step by step is simple and we start when you are ready.

For hiring me to complete your business plan:

  • I send you 20 simple questions about your business (name, logo, owner, etc.)
  • We schedule a kickoff meeting.
  • I research, analyze, and strategize all content and financials for your business plan (40 hours).
  • You review and approve the draft.
  • You start shopping your final business plan confidently to banks and / or investors.

What are you waiting for?

Let’s Build Something Great Together!