Strategic Business Partner Services

Because You Need A Helpful Business Partner Waiting Behind The Scenes

$297 / month

For Entrepreneurs Who Want to Find a Business Partner…

  • And need someone to strategize with…
  • Plus, you feel stuck on how to move forward…
  • Or, you want help navigating this phase in business…
  • But don’t know what the “right” next steps should be…
  • Meanwhile are looking for mentorship, guidance, and direction…

This program is for you!

What is Included:

  • 3 Strategy Sessions per month
  • Support & advice for issues / decisions
  • Personalized mentorship to reach your business goal
  • Access to your Business Partner for questions and support
  • A customized Action Plan to clarify the specific next steps to take

Why This is Unique: 

  • This is a month-to-month partnership (no commitment)
  • It is a way to grow your business while minimizing risk of failure
  • With this program, work with an experienced consultant at an affordable price
  • Learn expert strategies through this partnership with a Forbes Business Development Council member
  • Most importantly, get support from an experienced entrepreneur without giving away equity

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I want to find a business partner – who will I be aligned with in this program?

A: Ashley Cheeks, MBA will be your personal business partner.


Q: What if I don’t use all of my strategy sessions in 1 month?

A: Strategy sessions can accumulate, so you never “lose” a session. If you need 2 sessions the first month, you can move the 3rd to the following month.


Q: How long are the strategy sessions?

A: Strategy session #1 is one hour. Then, rest of the sessions typically range from 30 – 45 minutes, depending on your time and needs.


Q: What is an Action Plan?

A: A correctly designed Action Plan maps out your next steps in a specific, easy way. It is a shortcut to moving forward in the fastest, smartest way possible so you can reach your goals faster. The Action Plan is created during the first call, and will be updated as you begin achieving your goals.


Q: What happens after I apply?

A: First, we will review your application. It will be reviewed for alignment with the Business Partner service.

Then, if accepted, you will be asked to schedule a free 15 minute call where you will answer questions about your goals and needs to make sure our partnership is a fit.

After we determine we would make a good partnership, at the end of the call the initial payment will be processed and your Action Plan session will be slotted.

Finally, our partnership officially begins!

Spacing & Availability

Spacing for the Business Partner program is limited. Where availability is no longer open, applicants will be added to the wait list for future program spaces. Application submission does not guarantee acceptance. If you find a business partner elsewhere and want to be removed from the waitlist, contact us.