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Working on a business plan (especially for strategy) can be really frustrating. Most people find that finishing a business plan feels like a huge daunting task. Something that will take forever. Something that will take a ton of time.

This thinking leads to never actually starting a business plan at all.

Are you suffering from business plan writer’s block? First of all, don’t sweat it. Many entrepreneurs get stuck at this stage. Writing a business plan, when done right, is a monumental task to tackle. Here’s how to stop procrastinating and just take it one step at a time:

Tip 1: Pair the Goal to “Finish a Business Plan” with a Deadline (“by xx date”)

An attainable goal is not “Write my business plan.” No way. Writing a business plan is a huge deal. Rather, a proper goal has a timeline and a quantifiable, achievable element. For example: “Write 300 words by March 1.” “Complete my bio by Saturday.” Or, “Invest 30 minutes in market research each day for a week.”

Tip 2: Bite Sized Pieces

Learn the value of getting that small chunk done – today. That next small chunk completed tomorrow. There is tremendous importance in getting started now, especially if your idea is time-sensitive. And in order to finish successfully, you must tackle it in increments.

Tip 3: Learn Accountability Skills

There’s no more powerful motivator than being accountable to another person. It’s the reason support-based companies like Weight Watchers are so successful. Ask a trusted friend or business partner to check in with you weekly with questions that require full answers (not just yeah or no), such as: “How much did you complete this week? What actionable tasks did you knock out?”

Or, if your business idea is more in your head at this stage, set up deadline-backed milestones. This is how this might look: You ask a friend up-front to review your bio, and say you will have it in her Inbox by COB Friday. Then get started. Try asking an expert in your market, or a mentor who runs their own business, if you can run some numbers and theories by them, to see what jives up. Once you set a date, scramble to do your research. Set mini-deadlines in this way, until the business plan snow-balls its way to completion.

Tip 4: Identify what’s standing in the way

Often, entrepreneurs get stuck on one thing or another when writing a business plan. It’s up to that individual to figure out what the hang-up is. Maybe it’s fear. Maybe it’s a feeling of discomfort or lack of knowledge to correctly complete a certain section. Identifying the issue is half the battle, and can help you make an educated decision on whether it’s time to seek professional help.

There are 4 questions to ask yourself to see where you might be stuck. These questions challenge you to see obstacles that you don’t necessarily recognize naturally.

Here’s some more help – a quick worksheet to help you get past some hangups you have about your business plan.

finish a business plan

To download the free worksheet and get unstuck, click here!

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Ashley Cheeks is a Business Plan Consultant. Her core business plan writer expertise is in designing business plans for bank and investor funding. She founded Written Success after years of being a professional business plan writer as a freelance consultant, and working for companies including GE and Fluor. She lives in Houston with her husband, daughter and son.

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