In my previous posts relating to my interview on The HERO Podcast, I’ve shared my superpower, my fatal flaws, the common enemy facing my clients and my driving force.

All of these things added together help to explain my “what” and my “why,” but one thing we haven’t touched on yet is my how

How do I keep things on track every day?

Everyone has tools at their disposal that help make them better at what they do.

Thor has a hammer. Captain America has a shield.

And we entrepreneurs, we’ve all got our own tools. 

As Richard and I continued our discussion on The HERO Podcast, we delved into the tools I use in my business and the impact they have on my day-to-day ability to serve my clients in the way I want. 

My Favorite Tools

As a business owner, I’m someone who tends to be a bit averse to hiring and expanding. I want to keep my cost structure and expenses as lean as possible, so I like to look for tools that help make that happen. 

For me, two of the tools that help me with that are my scheduling tool and my email marketing tool. 

Whether I’m dealing with a current, past or prospective client, I can use those tools to help me service them all. 

I can set up meetings, I can email, and most importantly, I can automate where it makes sense — all without having to hire another person. 

While these tools are simple, they’ve allowed me to effectively manage my client experience, and that changed everything for me.

I have more time to focus on business plans instead of focusing on administrative work. 

Embracing Automation

Truth be told, I’ve automated everything I possibly can, so I can take back as much time as possible and work on the things that help my clients and further my own business plans. 

The reason I love automation so much is that it’s incredibly freeing. 

You can create workflows that are activated by specific triggers and then sit back and let automation do its work. 

Learning how to leverage automation in my business has changed my life, and it’s an important part of the reason my business functions so well. 

A key aspect of taking advantage of the benefits of automation is using it to help manage my calendar. 

As an entrepreneur, it’s all too easy to let time get away from you, so ensuring you have your calendar in order is critical. 

For me, I live and die by deadlines. Everything I do has a deadline, and I usually have meetings all day, every day. 

Things inevitably pop up, but because I have my calendar and scheduling all automated, I can easily see when I’m available, and I’m not wasting time trying to find a spare cycle to add in an extra meeting or task. 

By choosing tools that simplify and automate, I can ensure that my clients get what they need from me, and I have the freedom to provide them with the time and attention they deserve. 

Ashley Cheeks

Author Ashley Cheeks

Ashley Cheeks is a Business Plan Consultant. Her core business plan writer expertise is in designing business plans for bank and investor funding. She founded Written Success after years of being a professional business plan writer as a freelance consultant, and working for companies including GE and Fluor. She lives in Houston with her husband, daughter and son.

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