Investor Portfolio Share Program

Welcome! Learn more about the Written Success Investor Portfolio Share program below.

Written Success proudly partners with investors, VC firms, and angel groups to share high quality investment opportunities.

Entrepreneurs With Full Business Plan

Innovative / Disruptor Businesses

First-Time Entrepreneurs

Veteran / Disabled / MBWE Founded

Business Valuation Over $10MM

Pre-Vetted & Partner Ready

Receive pre-selected funding opportunities, once per month, to your inbox.

Each deal comes with a professional business plan document set, conservative forecasting, and has no equity or brokerage fee.

Simply review the business plans, pick the deals that interest you, and reach out to the entrepreneur directly.

No cost, no obligation, and full anonymity unless you decide to make contact.

The opportunities our firm gets from Written Success meet a completely different caliber. They are all high standard, well presented, and take the headache and admin work out of dealing with startups. Our clients appreciate that we now invest into high-growth launches, which is something we always avoided because of the risk profile. Being in the Portfolio program is like having first access to the hottest new business opportunities, without having to sift through all the bad deals first.
I only invest into deals that have a great entrepreneur at the helm. Every entrepreneur or inventor who I met through Ashley [Written Success] has had the right attitude, great work ethic, and good common sense. It’s refreshing.
The Portfolio Share works for me because I don’t have time to sift through or listen to hundreds of startup pitches. Getting a few great opportunities every month is perfect, and I like that the entrepreneur can’t reach out to me unless I initiate.
Honestly, when [my partner] and I get pitched opportunities, we usually have to reject them because the entrepreneur has gaps in basic business knowledge. We can’t talk profit, equity, or ROI with someone who has no idea how to forecast. That’s why we LOVE your deals – whatever you are doing to coach these entrepreneurs who come through is working. Every person we talked to actually gets their business model, and it’s so much easier to have an intelligent conversation and make an investment decision.
How many opportunities will I receive?
Up to 10 per month, hand selected for you.
Do they come with investor-grade documents?

Yes – Full Business Plan, Forecasts, Opportunity Brief, and Pitch Deck

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