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Investment Networks

The Investment Network groups are high integrity matchmaking sites that help entrepreneurs and investors find each other. As their resident Pitch Consultant, I help entrepreneurs to create impressive and impactful business pitches to win investor partnership and funding. If you are an entrepreneur seeking investor funding, I encourage you to visit the sites to learn more.

All of my business plan customers will get a free pitch consult from me to be used for any of these pitch network sites!

Reverent Media

Reverent Media offers services in web design, digital marketing, video production, & branding. They built this beautiful website for me, they maintain it, and they also created my homepage video. Reverent is great to work with, and they make each step of growing my online business very easy! You can learn more about them at Reverent.Media

Also, if you let them know I referred you, then you will get 10% off the initial setup fee of any web design package!

Business Plan Writer

SMB Strategy Consultants, LLC – Small & Mid-Size Business Consulting

SMB Strategy Consultants, LLC helps entrepreneurs to work on their business profitability in various stages of growth. Whether startup, seasoned business, or somewhere in between, SMB Strategy Consultants supports business planning and strategy. Their proven systems and approach helps to improve processes, find ways to reduce waste and increase profit margins, and even prepare for valuation-increasing exit activities.

I recommend this company as being aligned with the core values of a high integrity consulting firm and know their value is game-changing for the clients they work with. Schedule your consult with them to learn how you can work on improving your business.

Learn more about their services at

Scripted – Grant Writing, Research & Compliance

Scripted helps organizations to work on their grant search, grant applications, and grant reporting and compliance.

As a previous grant writer myself, I 100% vouch for the quality of service and integrity provided by Scripted. I recommend this provider as a results-oriented option for non-profits and businesses needing help with navigating and mastering the world of grant funding. The founder of Scripted has great character, a rock-solid passion for helping others succeed, and an amazing talent for writing. If you are looking for a grant or need professional help with creating your grant proposal, contact Scripted today for a free consultation.

Learn more about grant services at

SmartUp Legal

SmartUp Legal – Entity Formations, Patents, and Trademarks

SmartUp Legal is a technology company that uses its propriety framework to do two main things:

  1. Easily connect startups and small businesses with qualified and vetted specialist attorneys to help solve their legal issues.
  2. Make lawyers more efficient in their client interaction by modernizing their operations with software technology to make legal services more accessible.

If you are interested in learning more about forming your business entity, getting your concept patented or applying for your trademark, this team can help you. I recommend them as a high-integrity legal service, and I like that they have a culture that supports the success of startups and entrepreneurs. Learn more about their services at

Include reference “WS.AC.5DE” in your subject line when you contact them for your free consultation!


VERTIQUL  – Powerful creation and impactful delivery of digital magazines 

VERTIQUL by Advontemedia represents the perfect delivery format based on modern user experience and real reader behavior.

They built a creative platform structure that preserves the style that makes magazines great not only for today, but for our digital future.

If you are interested in learning more about how digital magazines can expand and impress your customer base, this team can help you. I recommend them as a high-impact option for businesses looking to expand marketing reach and customer loyalty. They understand the digital demands that plague businesses and are the right high quality partner to “wow” your audience. Learn more about their services at

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