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Discount Pricing | Priority Scheduling – No Wait List | Business Plan in 10 Days | Funding Support

Whether you need a business plan for your landlord, a bank loan, or an investor partnership, our team is experienced in creating a business plan to meet the needs and reflect the full vision for you and your business

Ashley Cheeks, MBA – Business Plan Consultant

The Business Plan Strategy Session


Let’s discuss your vision and map exactly how to secure the funds you need to launch successfully

Set for Success Package (Full Business Plan)


The Set for Success package is a done-for-you Full Business Plan package. It is intended for bank or investor loan requests. It is a quality-guaranteed option. Designed for entrepreneurs looking to secure more than $100K in funding.

How long does it take? Delivery: 10 business days

The “Everything” Package (Full Business Plan, Pitch Deck, and 1-Page Business Plan)


I set you up for “everything” in the business process. First, show investors your 1-page business plan to get their interest. Then, pitch them the deal with an impressive PowerPoint. Finally, close the investor with a complete business plan with research and projections.

How long does it take? Delivery: 15 business days

**Who is it for? The Everything Package is perfect for seed funding rounds, public pitching events and funding needs over $1MM.


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