My Process

It can take 40-60 hours to create a business plan that will win capital.

Double that if this is your first time developing a business plan.

Good thing you are hiring a business plan professional!

Step 1

Kick-Off Call

First, it all starts with a simple phone call. During the 1-hour kickoff, we talk through your business needs, vision for your company, and what you need in funding. Nothing complicated.

Step 2

Weekly Touchpoints

Over the course of 7-10 business days, I will work your business plan. I will not let more than 5 business days go by without communicating with you about progress.

(Note: bandwidth permitting, I’ll work with any deadlines you may need.)

Each time we connect, we’ll review what I’ve done, what I’ll do next, make sure the quality meets your expectations, and answer any open questions.

Step 3

Draft Share

Finally, we review the full draft together and make sure you know your business plan thoroughly so you can pitch to your investor with confidence and expertise.

After all, if this is your first time, I definitely want you to feel prepared!

Step 4

Ongoing Support

Most importantly: You aren’t alone! I don’t abandon my clients once the business plan is complete.

While you pitch to your bank or investor, sometimes they ask questions that you won’t feel comfortable answering. Simply reach out to me, I’ll help clarify anything that comes up.

How I Am Different

First Contact

Written Success

Clear and Fair Pricing

You call or text or email, and I will return quickly with a price and what is included in that price. You can also view my prices and offerings by clicking “Pricing”.

You are encouraged to contact me with any questions as you review. If your request warrants an alternate proposal, I will offer you a price based on your particular circumstance. When you are ready for me to get started, I will send you an invoice and we schedule our kickoff meeting.


The Price Game

Unfortunately, there is no shortage of providers who will demand a conversation to learn about you before giving any estimate. Many of these business plan professionals are simply analyzing you; they are trying to figure out how much you can afford to pay. Your “custom quote” is likely customized based on how deep your pockets appear to them.

Fortunately, I know what it takes to develop a business plan, and my prices are based on my experience in time, work, and content needed to complete. I also will not sell, hound or harass you. When you are ready to move forward with your business, I am here to support you.

Kickoff Meeting

Written Success

Hard Work and Heavy Lifting

Because I am handling all of the research and effort needed to complete your business plan, you will not have to spend endless hours finding all of the right answers. We will have a conversation about your goals, your motivation and intent for the business plan. We will review the following themes:

  • Will you pitch your business plan to a bank, investor, or will you use it for your own strategy only?
  •  Is this a start-up business or a growing business?
  • What is your timeline for a completed plan (any upcoming investor meetings already scheduled)?
  • How did you decide to become an entrepreneur? What do you envision for your future? Tell me your story!


Re-gifting Your Own Information

Since I am the business plan professional, I will not expect you to have all the answers. My job is to build a business plan, research the gaps, and help to shape your business goals on paper.

It seems like other providers enjoy making you do the hard work. They will send you a list of over 100 questions, and then they turn your answers into a “business plan” instead of offering tangible value or supporting you as a business plan professional. As you read, it may feel like déjà vu since you provided all the content – and you probably feel like you wasted a lot of time and money.

Clearly, the benefit to partnering with a business plan professional / business plan writer includes leveraging someone who knows what answers you need and how to find them.

As you would expect, I will put in the work needed to write a great business plan, and I will consult on feasibility and offer strategy suggestions where appropriate to best position you for success. 


Written Success

Quick Action and Ongoing Accessibility

I will start your business plan after we finish our kickoff meeting.

I will contact you with questions (by phone, text, or email based on your personal preference) throughout the next 7-10 business days. My questions will relate to scenarios on how you want or envision certain aspects about your business.


Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You (Eventually)

Most providers use sales teams and global writing mills, which can lead to delays, bad data and a final product that feels disorganized and “thrown together”. Oftentimes, you are talking to a senior business plan professional, but he or she is a sales person who is more focused on getting your payment than on helping you with creating an amazing final product.

With me, there is no one behind the curtain; I am transparent and accessible and deliver with high attention to making your business plan comprehensive.


Written Success

How Else Can I Help You Succeed?

Your business plan is not finished until you have everything you need. While the vast majority of my clients are happy with what they receive at 7-10 days, some ask for tweaks based on the preference of the banker or investor they are working with.

As my client, I will support you however I can. Whatever tweaks are required, I will make them quickly and completely for you. I want your business plan to represent you as a very “investable” individual and will work with you to support that goal.


It Was Nice Knowing You!

Other providers will suddenly become hard to get a hold of once your business plan is sent to you. Eventually, you may have questions or need help, and they may offer additional consult … for a fee.

I will not disappear once the business plan is in your hands.

Furthermore, as you pitch your idea to others, they may want to see something a different way or may ask you a question that feels unfamiliar. Remember, I am always a phone call away and I am at your disposal.

What are you waiting for?

Let’s Build Something Great Together!