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“How much does a business plan cost for my situation?”

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The “Everything” Package (Full Business Plan, Pitch Deck, and 1-Page Business Plan)

For The Best Impression

Up to / max: $5,525

I set you up for “everything” in the business process. First, show investors your 1-page business plan to get their interest. Then, pitch them the deal with an impressive PowerPoint. Finally, close the investor with a complete business plan with research and projections.
How long does it take? Typical delivery: 2-4 weeks

**Who is it for? The Everything Package is perfect for seed funding rounds, public pitching events and funding needs over $1MM.

The Launching Success Package (Full Business Plan)

Most Popular

Up to / max: $4,500

I do it all for you. Includes custom research and pro forma financials.
How long does it take? Typical delivery: 1-2 weeks

**Who is it for? The Launching Success Package is a done-for-you Full Business Plan package. It is intended for bank or investor loan requests. It is a quality-guaranteed option. Designed for entrepreneurs looking to secure more than $100K in funding.

Business Plan Academy

Do It Yourself


Do it Yourself and save thousands with help from a pro! Finish your Business Plan & 3 Year Projections easy. Comes with pre-made template. Also comes with step by step help on how to create a success-strategy business plan.

**Who is it for? The Business Plan Academy is a fast, affordable way to finish a strategic business plan. Business Plan Academy is designed for those creating a business plan for the first time.

Set for Success Business Plan Template Kit

Quick & Easy


Finish Your Business Plan & 3 Year Projections Fast and EASY. Comes with 6 designer templates, a pre-built financials template with tutorial on making forecasts, and bonuses on finding funding for your business.

**Who is it for? This is for entrepreneurs who aren’t sure if they are ready to hire a writer or consultant. Perfect if you definitely want a good-looking business plan. 

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