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Priority Scheduling – No Wait List | Business Plan in 10 Days | Funding Support

Whether you need a business plan for your landlord, a bank loan, or an investor partnership, our team is experienced in creating a business plan to meet the needs and reflect the full vision for you and your business

Ashley Cheeks, MBA – Business Plan Consultant

The Business Plan Strategy Session


Let’s discuss your vision and map exactly how to secure the funds you need to launch successfully


An at-your-own-pace online course that shows you how to write a business plan, step by step. This guides you through what to write, how to research, and how to complete your financials. Plus professional-grade templates, checklists, and tips for anyone building a business plan for the first time.

How long does it take? Typical course completion: 1 week

**Who is it for? The Business Plan Academy is perfect for startups writing their own business plan for strategy, bank loans or investor pitching. Includes a 1 on 1 review session of your completed business plan to make sure it’s done right.

Set for Success Package (Full Business Plan) - Done For You Service


The Set for Success package is a done-for-you Full Business Plan package. It is intended for bank or investor loan requests. It is a quality-guaranteed option. Designed for entrepreneurs looking to secure more than $100K in funding.

How long does it take? Delivery: 10 business days

The “Everything” Package (Full Business Plan, Pitch Deck, and 1-Page Business Plan) - Done For You Service


I set you up for “everything” in the business process. First, show investors your 1-page business plan to get their interest. Then, pitch them the deal with an impressive PowerPoint. Finally, close the investor with a complete business plan with research and projections.

How long does it take? Delivery: 15 business days

**Who is it for? The Everything Package is perfect for seed funding rounds, public pitching events and funding needs over $1MM.


Benefits of using Written Success

Get a business plan done for you in 10 business days

All folks referred through Owner Actions are expedited, no need to wait on the 3+ month waiting list

All folks referred through Owner Actions get priority support and referral to additional lender options who favor startups

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