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Professional SBA Business Plan templates & full projections – $29

Get the kit that shows you how to make a business plan for bank loan (SBA) applications, including 7(a) and 504 loans

The Set for Success SBA Business Plan Template Kit for SBA Loan Applications


This SBA Business Plan Template Kit Includes 3 Bundle Packages:

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the $29 payment work?

When you click to buy the kit, you will be guided to pay $29 with any debit or credit card (or, you can use your PayPal login details to pay if you have an account with PayPal already).

Then, you will be asked to enter your email address. Via email, the kit to be sent to you immediately.

There are no recurring payments, subscription charges or hidden fees. $29 is all you will pay, ever, for full lifetime access to the kit materials.


I need a business plan for an SBA loan, is this kit going to help me?

Yes, using this business plan template kit will allow you to create a business plan that meets SBA standards.

This SBA business plan template kit is designed specifically to meet underwriting criteria for both SBA 7a loan applications and for SBA 504 loan applications, and is catered to first-timers who have never created a business plan for an SBA loan before.

Are the templates in this kit appropriate for showing to investors?

Yes! The design elements for these business plan templates cater to investors in several ways, including being easy to read (thanks to strategic formatting), having summary elements that investors expect to see with high-grade business proposals, and having the sections organized in a flow that is natural and intuitive.

In case something doesn’t go as planned with securing SBA funding, this business plan can double as a pitch to investors as-is.

What makes these templates different than the free ones out there?

Free templates range anywhere from 20 pages to 45 pages of just instructions…and those instructions say NOTHING about how to create financial projections.

This leaves you feeling lost if you have never applied for an SBA loan before.

This template kit is different.

You won’t get dozens of pages of confusing content (most of which isn’t even applicable to most businesses). Instead, you’ll get CLEAR guidance on the most important sections in your business plan.

Plus, these templates have serious tactics throughout that cater to an easier review by bank underwriters – everything from the font choice to the spacing to the margins are all designed for maximum readability and modern, sleek, professional appearance. These templates do NOT use outdated Times New Roman font…instead, they use font that is very easy to read and that feels “open” so your reader can skim right through your whole business plan without feeling like they are having to work too hard to read your business plan.

This kit will save you hours of work, give you seriously important shortcuts and easy secrets on what to put where to IMPRESS your business banker and SBA underwriters.

How do the financials in this kit work?

The financials template in this kit are created for entrepreneurs at all levels. No complex math, no crazy formatting, everything in plain English.

These financials auto-populate based on a few simple inputs, like how much money you’ll pay yourself in salary every month, and are totally customize-able for your business.

Plus, if you don’t know how much money to ask for in funding, this financials template will actually walk you to your asking amount, so you can approach a lender or investor with intelligent information about how much money you REALLY need.

The financials portion of this kit also includes graphs and charts that are bright and engaging. They are stunning and are great enhancements for your business plan.

I've never done a business plan before, is this going to show me exactly what to do?

The instructions in the business plan template kit give you clear guidance for everything, including specifically where to go for research data and exactly what to do to create your 3 year projections.

The kit has an additional bonus: a live video where you are shown exactly how to walk through each step of creating your forecasts, so you have plenty of guidance that will make sense, even if this is your first time!

Hi! I’m Ashley, your Professional SBA Business Plan Consultant.

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Give Me My Business Plan Template Kit!Give Me My Business Plan Template Kit!

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