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Every entrepreneur has gone through that painful phase where their idea has no visual representation. Having no brand colors, no entity formation, and no finished product can make it feel as if your idea is light years away from being a real business. Even if you already have some business logo ideas, this is usually where a business plan comes in handy.

You may be in need of something simpler and faster to show how serious you are about your idea. Before you settle for a random business logo maker online, we recommend some who have proven to be experts in their field.

When it comes to having your logo designed, everyone has their own ideas about what will speak to their potential customers. Perhaps you have searched for a business logo maker online but were not sure which one to try. The bottom line is that your business needs a logo.

A great logo serves many purposes for your brand, including:

  • Acts as a first impression for your business.
  • Catches people’s attention.
  • It’s memorable.
  • Separates your brand from competitors.
  • Helps foster brand loyalty.

Having a simple logo is a quick way to take a big step forward in your business journey. In fact, it’s one of the easiest – and most powerful – actions you can take as you’re getting started.

Written Success supports entrepreneurs at every stage in their journey, from business plan creation to marketing for growth and expansion. That means that over the years, we’ve come across countless startups who have no logo and have no clue where to start.

Bringing Your Business Logo Ideas to Life

Big marketing firms can charge thousands for a logo design. That’s a huge investment that many new businesses can’t afford to spend on a great logo. For every entrepreneur on a budget, whether you already have some business logo ideas in mind, or are working from scratch, when researching a business logo maker online, there are a few sites we often recommend to startups.

Written Success is a proud affiliate of many startups and businesses, including all three providers below. As you explore each affiliate linked here, note that we may receive a commission for referring you to their services if you decide to become their customer.

Written Success only recommends products, tools, services, and learning resources that are believed to be genuinely helpful. That being said, if you have a negative experience with any of these providers, please feel free to reach out to us.


WIX is known for being a great place to build a professional-looking website fast. However, most people have no idea that WIX also has a free logo maker.

In just a few clicks, the site asks you questions about your business and suggests a wide variety of logo options for you to choose from and even customize. When finished, you can simply download your logo.

If you need a website too, WIX will let you use your new logo on your new website, which you can have up and running in minutes. We use and recommend WIX (including for our clients’ websites) because it’s fast and user-friendly for users at any technical level.


NameCheap is a platform where you can do a few different things for your business. Similar to WIX, Namecheap allows you to build a free logo and even craft a new website. They also offer another great tool that many entrepreneurs appreciate: a fast and simple business card maker.

If you want to make sure your new logo creates the right impression, you can use this tool to see how it looks when added to a real business card design. In fact, we sometimes take this approach with our own clients as viewing your logo on a business card makes it easier to come to your final logo decision.


If the automatic logo generators with WIX and NameCheap aren’t quite right for you, then FIVERR may be a great next step. FIVERR is a marketplace where you can have your logo ideas turned into a reality. In a matter of hours or days, a professional from FIVERR can bring your business logo ideas to life by designing a custom logo for you within your agreed budget.

If you’re new to FIVERR, you may want to check out the other services offered there as well. There’s a wide variety of options designed to help small businesses thrive and grow on a tight budget.

Making the Right Decision for Your Logo

Having a logo can make a huge difference in showing how serious you are about your business idea. It can also help you visualize the future of your business more clearly, and can empower you when you share your idea with others.

Explaining your vision is always easier when you can show you’ve taken action to make it a reality. Showing “action” is the key — when you have a company name, a logo, a business card, and a website, you have more than just an idea. You have the makings of a new business venture.

Ready to take your business logo ideas from vision to reality?

A Few Tips for Creating a Really Amazing Logo

Congratulations on your decision to craft a logo! Whether or not you use a business logo maker online, the following tips will help you with the core steps of approval you should go through before saying “yes” to your new design.

  • Representation: Whether “modern”, “traditional”, or “cutting edge”, make sure your logo represents the feel of your brand.
  • Brand Colors: Your logo should use at least one of your brand colors as a primary color.
  • Availability: Does your logo look a bit too familiar? Upload it to Google Images to make sure you are not creating a logo that exists somewhere else!
  • Clarity: Make sure your logo is easy to read and identify, on screens of every size! Sometimes logos can appear differently when viewed very large, or can be hard to interpret when very small. Open your new logo on multiple screens, such as a phone, a laptop, and tablet, to make sure you love it in every view!

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