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The idea of securing an investor can be really overwhelming. Unless you personally know a generous millionaire, it can feel like access to the money you need is just beyond reach. And, even if you know where to find an investor, you really don’t know how to pitch to investors. These two questions – “where” and “how” are both answered with this amazing new collaboration!

PITCH Investors Live

PITCH Investors Live is an all-new way to get direct access to investors who are looking for businesses to fund.


The platform is currently live and accepting entrepreneurs.

Whether you are an entrepreneur who wants to land an investor, or you want to watch the action-packed pitches live, you should take a look! It’s pretty entertaining and you can even comment and ask questions during the live pitches, which adds a really fun element. It’s way better to actually type in live thoughts instead of screaming my comments at the screen : )

Want to see what a live pitch looks like? Check out this one, which ended in an investment deal:

The PITCH Investors

PITCH Investors Live has a really active investor panel.

Kevin Harrington, PITCH Investor

And these aren’t your average stiff-upper-lip VCs or unrelatable investor types. Nope. The investors on this platform are accomplished, down-to-earth kind of investors who actually want to find businesses with potential.

Of note, on the investor panel is Shark Tank’s very own Kevin Harrington. The panel also has other amazingly accomplished investors, like Gayatri Sarkar,  Reese Jones, Lucas Cervigni, and Jason Stone who all regularly go live to accept pitches from entrepreneurs all over the globe.

The investors take live pitches via the PITCH Investors Live app, currently available on iOS and soon to be released in the Google Play store for Android. Pitches currently go live regularly, and you can watch the replays in case you’re curious about how past pitches have gone. Any pitch launched through the app is also streamed live on Facebook and YouTube for global audience and maximum reach.

Since I use Android for my phone, I find it super easy to catch pitches through following the PITCH events on Facebook.

Soon, their crowdfunding component will be released. When this happens, anyone on the app will be able to invest in the entrepreneur directly, if they like the pitch. So pitchers are working hard for funding from both the big-time investor, and the average Joe who wants to help out and become part of your funding solution.

Kevin Harrington taking a live pitch from SacsCloud

How to Pitch to Investors

So now, PITCH has made it easy to access investors. With this platform, you can pitch your business needs from the comfort of your living room. Yet, the real question remains. Where do you learn how to pitch to investors?

This is where the collaboration comes in. Written Success currently specializes in business plan services for investor presentation. The business also offers pitch services to other investor networks. These services allow entrepreneurs to get a crash course in how to pitch to investors so they can maximize their odds for getting funding. Now, the entrepreneurs pitching on PITCH platform get the same access to prepare with a professional!

Collaboration: PITCH Investors Live with Written Success

PITCH Investors Live is collaborating with Written Success to close a knowledge gap. PITCH is interested in giving their entrepreneurs a higher level of support so they can ace their pitch and maximize their exposure on the platform. To help entrepreneurs like you, I personally provide one on one pitch training for anyone who is slotted to pitch live and wants extra help preparing.

This training includes a mock session. This is where you can practice your pitch and receive live, unbiased feedback. I’ll tell you what to improve, what not to say, and how to carry yourself strategically. Plus, our video coaching will be recorded, so you can review the comments and watch your own rehearsal for even more practice.

Based on which investor you are pitching, what your business needs are, and what the end goal is, I will guide you and support you to get things just right!

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