The HERO Podcast: Creating a Business Plan That Will Walk You to Success Part Six: Finding Your Guiding Principles


In my previous posts relating to my interview on The HERO Podcast, we’ve covered a lot of ground — my superpower, fatal flaws, driving force, along with the common enemy facing my clients and what I rely on in my business toolkit. 

One thing that makes entrepreneurs a special breed is their tenacity.

We get knocked down, we get told no, and we get back up and keep going because we’re committed to our ideas. 

And through these experiences, we learn some lessons — some of which help us figure out our guiding principles. 

As Richard and I concluded our discussion on The HERO Podcast, we talked about my guiding principles, along with some lessons that have stuck with me through my entrepreneurial journey.

All Things Are Possible

As business owners — and people — we all have guiding principles. 

These are actions or mantras that we use every day to push us forward and that contribute to the success and influence we enjoy in our business.

These guiding principles can often be born out of things we wish we knew when we first started out; entrepreneurship is a vast learning curve, so it’s no surprise that there are plenty of lessons along the way. 

For me, one of my biggest guiding principles has become the mantra (and this may sound corny) that I’m human.

I can’t do it all, and I don’t know everything. And that’s okay!

So instead of focusing on what I don’t know or what I can’t do, I’m working on taking a different approach. 

I can learn anything if I decide to learn it. 

Rather than focusing on the fact that I don’t know something, I know that if I WANT to learn it, I can.

The question I have to ask myself is whether or not I’m being realistic.

I’m only able to do so much. I’m going to screw up, and that’s okay.

Doubting my skills and abilities sometimes is a very human thing. 

But when that happens, I remind myself: “You can learn anything if you decide to learn.” 

I don’t let fear be a reason not to do something.

Let the Lessons Be Your Guiding Principles

I’ve learned a ton of lessons in my years of business, but there are a few that guide me through each day. 

Just because I CAN do something, it doesn’t mean I should. 

Just because you failed at this doesn’t make you a failure. 

Just because you should look into something doesn’t mean you should execute it. 

I’m human, and I will make mistakes, but there are also endless possibilities. 

Keeping all of that in perspective is my note to self every day.

But most importantly, just keep on moving forward. 

Don’t ever stop.

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