The Talent You Need to Watch: Success Spotlight On Zain Nelson


I work with many amazing entrepreneurs. What I find that they all have in common is they have at least a dozen great ideas that they’d love to pursue, and they all have above-average passion in everything they do. What is not so common is having game-changing focus.

Because of this, I wanted to share a quick interview with Zain Nelson.

Why I positioned Zain in the success spotlight?

His business focus is on helping other people make money.


Interview: Zain Nelson of Nelson Fidelity Investments

Ashley: Zain, we’ve worked together for several weeks now on your investor search and pitch. With you in Florida and me in Texas, I had to do some research on your target housing market. But now that I have, I know you are onto something that is a real game changer.

Before we touch on your business, I wanted you to take this time to tell me more about your story.

You are a start-up in “launch” status and I can genuinely say you are one of the most positive entrepreneurs I’ve met. Tell me about your “why”. What motivates you towards being an entrepreneur instead of the typical 9-5 job?

His Motivation

Zain: Well what motivates me to be an entrepreneur instead of working a 9-5 is that being an entrepreneur, there are no limits to stop me from going to the next level in life financially. I’m the type of person who always wants more out of life. If I see an opportunity, I take advantage of it and I do everything I can do to be the best at it and gain as much knowledge possible.

There is no glass ceiling.

My potential depends on me. I’m in charge of my own destiny.

Ashley: It is great that you see that. Too many entrepreneurs let their passion be rocked by fear or external events. This is usually because they don’t have strong enough belief in themselves first and foremost. In that way, you are in a winning position already.

Ok, talk to me about your business. Share what you are trying to do for people.

His Business

Zain: Ok. I started a company called Nelson Fidelity Investments. What I’m doing is providing a platform for anyone who always wanted to invest in real estate and flip houses.

I want average Americans to reach their maximum earning potential and do it by way of flipping houses in a hot real estate market. Most of America has been taught that you get a job and put money in your 401k or IRA and work 20 years and retire. I’m here to help people get there a little quicker by flipping houses as they work their regular jobs and still be an investor.

I am making this a reality for everyone.

I believe everyone deserves more and my company is here to help them get more.

Ashley: Great, thanks so much for your message Zain, I love what you are doing. There are a lot of people who want to invest in flipping houses and just need someone with integrity to partner with. Where can people find you for more information?

Zain: If anyone has any questions about how they can get started being an investor or just have any questions on how everything works, you may reach me on my business Facebook page Nelson Fidelity Investments or our Instagram Page Nelson_Fidelity_Investments, or you can always send us an email at and call us at 904-428-7025.

Final Thoughts

I have done many business plans for great people. Zain is one of the most enthusiastic and trustworthy people I’ve met. I am betting on his success not because he has a great business (which he does), but because he has a genuine passion for helping people find wealth and stability.

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