Behind the Scenes: Professional Business Plan Writer at KPRC Channel 2


Behind the Scenes: Professional Business Plan Writer at KPRC Channel 2

While I don’t have much experience in being on air, this wasn’t my very first appearance. However, it was by far one of the most interesting! Being on this segment was really exciting for me.

When I originally got the call, it was a complete shock. I was asked to come for the Houston Life show on the Shakiba Report segment. The segment topic was about business plan importance. I worked quickly with the producers to outline and refine the topics we would cover.

Then within just a few days, I found myself sitting onstage.

What most people don’t realize about this particular Channel 2 news segment: it’s filmed live in the Galleria Houston mall.

Here’s What it Really Looks Like:


Photo Original: Michael Ciaglo, KPRC 2 Staff

So anyone could just come up and watch the live show. Any person enjoying a day of shopping could drop by and watch the live news segment, front row.

Every single nervous feeling you have sitting in front of cameras gets amplified – BIG TIME – when you are also being watched by a ton of passers by!

And, being live, there’s no re-takes. So if someone coughs in the main mall area, the mics pick it up. And if there’s a crying baby throwing a tantrum outside of the Nordstrom’s?  Yep! That streams live on TV too.

What was really fun was the backstage action with other guests for other parts of the segment. I got to meet really interesting people, like a couple who created a new organic type of dog treat (and, of course, they brought their canine taste testers to the set!). There was also another lady who supports women’s movements through different activist channels. Very inspiring to chat with her.

Even more awesome were the hosts – they were just as personable and lively backstage. They are so genuine! It made the experience a little less intimidating.

So as you watch the video, see if you can pick up the fact that we are in the middle of one of America’s greatest malls. You might be able to hear a bit of background noise during the segment if you listen closely!

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